Sustainability means protecting people and the environment with our actions

At Scheuch, we see sustainability as a key company value. The Scheuch group’s systems contribute to protecting the environment every day. Scheuch helps the industry to produce cleanly, in an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly manner and also to not just comply with ever-stricter legal environmental requirements but to exceed them. However, sustainability is also enshrined in our company vision: “Our sustainable technologies ensure a clean planet for generations to come.”

This is how sustainability is enshrined in us

Sustainability is a core components of our actions and our company. We consider social, ecological and economic aspects in every decision we make.

Through the development and production of our low-consumption and low-emission systems, devices and components, we make a daily contribution to protecting people and to maintaining a liveable environment. In order to safeguard the future for the next generations, we strive to reduce all strains on employees, customers and the environment.

We take responsibility for reducing our own ecological footprint permanently, not just with our products and solutions but also with careful actions within our own value chain. This understanding is enshrined in the entire company group.

The principle of sustainability is a significant part of our company strategy and our company culture. In order to ensure that our measures and actions are effective, we set ourselves goals actively and measure our success. This is the only way that we as a company can master this task authentically.

We set our goals based on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are actively involved in some of them in particular: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure / Responsible Consumption and Production / Climate Action.