The way to your dream bike – bike leasing at Scheuch

Franziska Danecker and Bernhard Schmidseder get on their bikes. Promoting health, protecting the environment, saving money – bike leasing from Scheuch makes it possible.

The way to your dream bike – bike leasing at Scheuch

Scheuch makes it easy for its employees to switch to bicycles. With the bicycle leasing program, the environmental technology specialist supports the financing of the bicycle of their dreams.

Scheuch launched the bicycle leasing program at its headquarters in Aurolzmünster as early as 2022. The innovative project aims to offer Scheuch employees an environmentally friendly and healthy alternative to conventional commuting. Under this program, employees throughout Austria can lease a bicycle of any type (from e-bikes to mountain bikes) through the company and thereby take advantage of financial benefits. The bikes can then be used both for commuting to work and 100 percent for private purposes.

So far, together with the partner LeaseMyBike, the modern, regional service bike provider from Schärding, almost 100 bikes have already been financed and the number is constantly increasing.

Stefan Scheuch, CEO of the Scheuch Group, is a passionate mountain biker himself and is convinced of the project: “Bike leasing offers a variety of benefits for both employees and the company itself. By using bikes, each and every individual can reduce their carbon footprint and do something for their fitness. We thus see the campaign as a great opportunity to support employees in acting in a more environmentally friendly and healthier way and to offer them a simple solution to do so.”

Bernhard Schmidseder, Team Leader Production: “I’ve been planning to buy an e-bike for a while, so the bike leasing scheme was a good fit. In addition, I was able to purchase the bike from a regional provider. Since my commute is only 15 minutes, I now use the bike much more often to get to work. So it’s just a matter of the weather cooperating.”

Franziska Danecker, System Developer: “It was straightforward and went very quickly until I was able to pick up my new bike from the dealer. I mainly use my bike for private purposes. Distances that I previously traveled by car I now cover with the e-bike.”

This project is part of the Scheuch Mobility program, which also includes the e-car leasing project. Scheuch is thus once again setting a good example and raising employee awareness of environmental protection and the benefits of active, sustainable mobility.


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