Overall concepts and components for application-specific solutions

Scheuch’s main strength is developing individual concepts and engineering. Our decades of expertise in system and component development enable the Scheuch team to understand the customer’s requirements quickly and to come up with solutions.

We understand production processes, analyse, and develop customer-specific solutions for a wide range of sectors and companies.

Working together with customers and the most modern systems

Scheuch relies on the most modern development systems such as collaborative installations. 3D simulations, cloud-based technological tools and the most modern calculation software are already standard at Scheuch. Joint access to information and easy exchange of drafts accelerates the development process and enables fast changes. Even customers are included in design revisions if necessary and processing therefore proceeds quickly.

With field tests, inspections and experimental systems

Scheuch caters to all customer conditions and special requirements. The tailor-made technology also goes through a number of test stations even during development.

The ideas that we came up with are tested using our own systems for the wear test under real conditions and unique test systems that reach temperatures of up to 600 °C. The designs’ functions are tested and optimised using field tests and our own in-house test systems in the technical centre or on the customer’s site.

This successful combination of expertise and technology benefits all Scheuch group business units and especially our customers.