Your further training options – learn for the future.

Highly qualified employees are at the heart of our company. That’s exactly why we ensure that you can continue to develop professionally with us.

That’s because we don’t rely on our knowledge but continue to learn. In the ever-changing world of work, the joy and ability to learn continuously is the only constant and the greatest asset of every employee.

The Scheuch campus offers a wide range of further training options that do not just cover current requirements, but also future developments. We therefore enable out team members to keep their finger on the pulse of the most modern technology and to expand their horizons continuously. That’s because our employees’ capabilities are intrinsically linked with our company success. We can only make a meaningful contribution to maintaining our environment when we have the smartest heads in the industry.

Training and further training

Everything revolves around learning, growing and developing with us. That’s because we value internal or external training and further training. We will support you in finding your own path. No matter whether you plan to learn on the job in order to become better, to discover new horizons in a different department within the Scheuch group or would like to work in one of out international branches. We don’t just offer colleagues but friends with ambitions and passion for environmental technology who will help you to reach your full potential and to contribute to the company’s long-term development.

Scheuch campus brain food

Our employees have access to the e-library platform with a wide range of content for personal and professional further development. Our employees can therefore sate their thirst for knowledge with various learning formats such as e-books, audio learning or classrooms.


Thanks to our management training, our managers receive the appropriate tools to get the best from their team and themselves. Our managers learn how they can encourage, inspire and develop their teams in order to foster a positive working culture that promotes innovation and growth.

Excellence programmes

We combine scientific expertise with practical application opportunities. We therefore support everyone who would like to develop their education further through the excellence general management programmes. The thing that makes this programme so outstanding is not just the technical expertise that is imparted, but the opportunity for all participants to subsequently choose an independent specialisation and therefore receive the “Master of Business Administration” qualification.