Independent, efficient and high quality

The Scheuch group relies on vertical integration and in-house production in order to be able to provide customers not just with outstanding products but also with independent solutions. The in-house production approach is part of the Scheuch DNA.

Quick and reliable thanks to a high degree of vertical integration

We have full control over the process from the initial idea to the final product. We therefore do not depend on third parties and can guarantee the highest level of quality and efficiency. Furthermore, we can implement customer requirements faster and react quickly to changes.

A one-stop shop

From material procurement and production to pre-assembly or final assembly, everything occurs in our in-house production facilities. We therefore ensure that every detail meets requirements and the highest quality standards. For this, we have the most modern production methods at various locations in Europe and the USA.

Supply chain benefits

In-house production does not just ensure that we are independent but also provides us with significant supply chain benefits. We minimise bottlenecks and delays, and can react quickly to customer requirements. This results in short delivery times and a reliable supply chain that offers trust and planning security.

We do not just see our production and in-house production as a strength but also as an obligation to our customers. We are proud that we do everything ourselves and therefore supply first class products and services based on reliability, quality and efficiency.