The experts for pure air

The Schuech group is headquartered in Upper Austria and is a world-leading technology company for air pollution control in the industrial sector. Since 1963, the company has been working to reduce fine dust and harmful substance emissions, as well as reducing noise and odours. With patented technologies and revolutionary systems, the Scheuch group is one of the most significant partners in many industries and its developments always protect people and the environment.

The company covers the entire range of services, including sales, project management, design, research and development, production, assembly, commissioning and after-sales services in-house and is therefore the first choice for environmentally conscious and innovative customers. The global, independent family business has around 20 branches on different continents. Through this and the in-house component production, the company therefore stabilises its value chains.

The Scheuch vision

Our sustainable technologies will ensure a clean planet for future generations.

Through the Scheuch group vision we express our contribution to helping people and the environment. We feel it is our duty to embody this in our daily activities. We use our decades of expertise in minimising industrial emissions and reducing the effects of harmful substances on the environment and people to develop sustainable technologies and innovations.

We take our economic and social responsibility seriously and want to develop our expertise and solution competence as a global company group in these areas.

Scheuch group in figures

Operating performance:

0 million euro

In the 2022/23 financial year, we had a record turnover of 291 million euro



People work for Scheuch around the world,
of which 950 work in Austria.


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We deliver to all continents
on Earth.



We produce our products in
Europe and America.


0 years

We have been writing our
success story since 1963


Three managing directors are entrusted with managing Scheuch Management Holding GmbH and therefore the Scheuch group.

Business segments

Our company group comprises several companies that contribute to protecting people and the environment sustainably.