Lived values – fair play and individual responsibility

Compliance is the cornerstone of the philosophy we adopt when working with our customers, business partners and suppliers – both at home and abroad.

With the values of our founders – the Scheuch family – at the heart of everything we do, we have created a joint definition of what we understand compliance and social responsibility to mean, and have developed this guide in order to explain it. During the process of developing this definition, we kept adherence to all internal and external standards, legislation and regulations foremost in our minds. As well as this, we emphasize the importance of monitoring our values and standards, which are underpinned by openness and honesty. These Scheuch fair play guidelines bring together the definitions of our values and our business ethics. They indicate a clear path that both we and our partners are expected to follow, outline social and ethical perspectives that we wish to be guided by on the market, and explain what we believe compliance to mean.

Scheuch is committed to acting with honesty, in good conscience and with a sense of fair play in everything it does – in all its business activities, its dealings with customers, suppliers and competitors, and its interactions with employees and the general public. Every Scheuch employee is personally responsible for ensuring that legislation, guidelines and regulations are upheld wherever they apply.

Fair play guide

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