Because we exceed our customers’ expectations

Always willing to listen

As a leading provider of air and flue gas cleaning systems, as well as the entire range of devices and components for environmental technology, we are always at our customers’ sides when constructing a new plant and when extending or reorganising existing plants, not just as an environmental technology and component supplier, but mainly as a consultant.

Our experienced and competent specialists accommodate environmental recommendations, legal requirements and company aims, and tailor them to the best Scheuch solution. We’ll find the right system together and advise you on further potential developments for the future. Its not unusual for us to exceed the specified requirements and to achieve more than the requested aims. That’s because Scheuch goes beyond legal requirements in its environmental protection efforts.

“We’re not aiming to just meet the benchmark set by the regulations. We can always offer our customers greater sustainability and, above all, cleaner air, than we are technically required to. We also believe it is our job to keep on encouraging producers to protect the environment. This means that we also provide systems that can be upgraded both now and in the future, offering even more protection for the environment” – Stefan Scheuch, CEO Scheuch group
With our decades of experience, we have a really good feel for our customers’ needs and work closely with them to develop solutions. That’s what makes us a strong and reliable partner that looks to the future.

Because planning ahead determines success

Careful planning is the basis for every project. Modern technologies are becoming more and more complex, and there are many factors to consider. Well thought out planning is the basis for a smooth work process.

We support our customers with advice right from the first considerations. Our consultant engineers and our customer service staff already take the time to discuss intentions and wishes in the early planning phase. The combination of our decades of experience and further training, as well as modern planning systems enables us to find the most suitable solution for every project and to deliver it reliably. From planning to production – a reliable network of contact people is available – around the world and on-site if required.

Because customer satisfaction is everything

Schuech is always there for you even after purchasing and commissioning your Scheuch systems and devices, and ensures that they function perfectly.

The Scheuch range of services includes assembly and commissioning to various service packages and customised training. A long service life for Scheuch systems and components is a matter that is close to our hearts. Therefore, every service will be performed by an experienced, qualified, in-house service team. With preventive measures that are selected especially for the system, such as remote maintenance, parameter measurements and analyses, Scheuch improves operational reliability and makes budget planning easier for our customers.

Therefore, customers ensure that they obtain long-term availability and the highest quality.