Scheuch in CO2 research project

From left: Tobias Gasser and Christian Bartel from the Scheuch research and development team provide expert knowledge on the future project.

Scheuch in CO2 research project

Scheuch provides expertise for a joint research project on the capture and utilisation of CO2 from cement plants.

As an experienced plant manufacturer in environmental technology, Scheuch is participating in the development of a new type of CO2 capture technology for converting carbon dioxide into useful raw materials.

In addition to ENRAG GmbH, GIG Karasek GmbH and the University of Innsbruck, the Rohrdorfer Group with its Hatschek cement plant in Gmunden is leading the project. The aim of the industrial research project is to optimise the energy and cost balance of CO2 capture from flue gases. This is to be achieved with direct electrolysis, in which CO2 is converted directly into chemical raw materials such as CO or ethylene with the help of electrical energy and special electrolysis cells. Scheuch is planning and manufacturing the necessary components for gas pre-purification and CO2 absorption.

"The project is still at a very early stage. Due to the complexity of the topic, development will take some time. The separation of carbon dioxide from exhaust gases is an essential step on the road to CO2 neutrality. As a company, we have made keeping our air clean our main task. We are already working on a number of processes in the industrial sector - several paths could lead to success in the future," explain Christian Bartel and Tobias Gasser from the Scheuch research and development team.

However, just as important as the enthusiasm for new CO2 capture technologies is the appeal to domestic politicians that any CO2 capture goes hand in hand with the consumption of large amounts of energy. The supply of sufficient quantities of renewable energy is a critical factor and a prerequisite for the successful transformation of industry towards CO2 neutrality.

The project is funded by the Upper Austrian business and research strategy #upperVISION2030 and supported by the Cleantech Cluster of the Upper Austrian business location agency Business Upper Austria.

About Scheuch Group:


The Scheuch Group is a family-owned business whose goal is to make a positive impact to protecting the earth and local communities with sustainable technologies for air pollution control. For more than half a century, the Upper Austrian company has been working to reduce particulate matter and emissions form the air by means of extraction, dust removal, conveying and flue gas cleaning. These technologies and others also reduce noise and odors that are produced during the manufacturing process. In addition to serving the industrial minerals, energy, metal, wood-based materials, glass and wood industries, the core business also includes service and components. Customers can leverage all or any of the services the company delivers from sales, project management, design, research & development, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and after-sales service. Today, the Scheuch Group and its more than 1,500 employees and subsidiaries across the globe, is regarded as a leading international environmental technology company.