Scheuch job worlds

Wonder women in Sweden: Scheuch employee Barbara in her new home.

Scheuch job worlds

Scheuch career paths lead to the land of the northern lights. How Scheuch employee Barbara Ohnmacht from the Innviertel region found her calling in Sweden.

Northern lights, reindeer, cross-country skiing… until 2016, Barbara (36), who was born in Ried, still associated these keywords with Sweden. Today, she realises that her new home country has so much more to offer.

Successful posting abroad

Her professional career path at Scheuch took the dedicated employee from the headquarters in Aurolzmünster to Kristianstad, a Scheuch branch in Sweden. Since she started in office management in 2012, her connection to the Nordic countries was already evident with many contacts. In 2016, the first steps were taken towards an international assignment. After intensive preparation, the technically skilled lady soon travelled to Sweden to provide sales and branch office support. The actual secondment turned into a long-term local position, with the aim of serving the Scandinavian region as the market leader in the energy sector by 2024.

Like having your own company

The focus in the first two years was particularly on integration in Sweden and consolidating the new professional tasks. “The technical component in particular was not easy for me at the beginning and there was a lot to learn. At the same time, I had to familiarise myself with the Swedish language and culture. I quickly became an accepted and fully-fledged member of the male technician and sales family. In the meantime, regular customer visits, trade fairs and sometimes even assembly work are on the agenda.

In principle, I’m responsible for everything. It’s as if we had our own little company,” says Barbara, who has long since made a name for herself as a strong woman in the male team. “In addition to the day-to-day sales activities, I am now also responsible for office furnishings, procuring accommodation, IT issues and onboarding new colleagues. We are now a great team of eight people at Scheuch in Sweden and also enjoy meeting up privately on the roof terrace or in the city.” Barbara also uses her free time for adventures to get to know the country – for example, travelling around Sweden’s highest mountain on a snowmobile.

Clear recommendation

“With a lot of courage and willpower in my rucksack, the assignment was a great adventure and a valuable experience for me. I can only recommend going abroad and working there,” Barbara happily reveals.

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