Scheuch invests in its employees

Successful completion of the Scheuch and TRUMPF sheet metal component design training programme.

Pictured: Scheuch training participants and project managers with Gerhard Hammann and Jörg Heusel from TRUMPF and the management of the Scheuch Group.

Scheuch invests in its employees

The Scheuch Group is committed to innovative further training: Almost 70 Scheuch employees expanded on their expertise with the TRUMPF sheet metal component design training programme

At the beginning of March, the graduates of the sheet metal component design training programme celebrated their fitting graduation at the Scheuch headquarters in Aurolzmünster. The design engineers and production employees underwent several modules in their modern training programme, which was run by TRUMPF, the technology expert for machine tools, lasers and electronics. These included targeted training for optimisations, transfer work in which the participants applied what they had learned in their immediate Scheuch practice, a "bending day" in which components were manufactured together on the bending machine in production and a final presentation in which it was decided which optimised components would be incorporated into Scheuch's active system.

The training programme has created a strong foundation at Scheuch. All participants now act as a kind of key user and share the expertise they have acquired on an ongoing basis. In this way, the content of the programme is constantly updated in practice and the advanced methods of sheet metal part design are implemented in day-to-day operations.

Stefan Scheuch, CEO Scheuch Group, emphasises: "Through this comprehensive and high-quality training, Scheuch is improving its efficiency, keeping its finger on the pulse and at the same time strengthening its production sites in Austria. With our professional partner TRUMPF, we have been able to make production technology and its upstream and downstream processes even more economical, precise and future-proof."

Sabine Strobl, Draft Design Engineer at Scheuch, explains: "With the expertise we have acquired, we can fully utilise the undiscovered potential of our existing components and carry out a detailed assessment of economic efficiency and feasibility for new designs using learned methods."

Johannes Hammerer, project manager of the training series and innovation manager at Scheuch, stresses: "The training programme developed together with our partner TRUMPF is characterised by an exceptionally high level. By consistently consolidating the design strategies learnt in the participants' practical environment, this training programme guarantees long-term consolidation of what has been learned. Further training is one of the building blocks of our Scheuch innovation strategy, which stands for progress and contemporary orientation. It is therefore of crucial importance for the further development of our organisation."

Jörg Heusel, R&D Manager Sheet Metal Design at TRUMPF, adds: "We are very pleased that we were able to contribute to the great success of the training series by adapting our training courses on sheet metal design to Scheuch's requirements and that the results show that, if used consistently by the designers at Scheuch, there is still enormous potential for the future in sheet metal designs."