Scheuch exhaust gas cleaning technology celebrates its 10th birthday

Lafarge Semi-Dust SCR system

Scheuch exhaust gas cleaning technology celebrates its 10th birthday

This year, Scheuch is marking the 10th anniversary of the start of its technical revolution in exhaust gas cleaning for the cement industry.

Ten years ago, the Innviertel-based company put its first semi-dust selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system into operation at Lafarge in Mannersdorf, Austria’s largest cement plant. This technology significantly reduces the harmful exhaust gases produced in the cement manufacturing process. Scheuch’s technology has been making a significant contribution to reducing the impact of the cement industry on the environment for a whole decade.

World renowned in the industry

At Scheuch, almost six decades’ worth of experience in the environmental technology sector goes into all its systems and projects. The company has become well known worldwide for its groundbreaking innovations in the field of dust filtration. Back in 2001, Lafarge Mannersdorf was the birthplace of a new and innovative cleaning technology that started a revolution in the industry the world over. A few years later, Scheuch then went on to forge new paths away from the filtration sector. With emissions directives in the cement industry becoming ever more stringent, new solutions were in high demand. Scheuch invested huge amounts in research and development as well as in pilot systems. The time to put its work in this new sector to the test in practice came in 2012 when Scheuch put the world’s first semi-dust SCR system into operation at the Lafarge cement plant in Mannersdorf, Lower Austria. The SCR method cuts down harmful nitrogen oxide from flue gases or process gases, thereby making an essential contribution to protecting both human life and the environment.

“In Germany, all coal-fired power stations had SCR, but the cement industry had not reached this technological standard at this time. The cement industry was keen to see the technology developed for its sector, and in Germany and Austria, there were also political ambitions to reduce emission values. In Austria, we were the first and largest cement plant to start a pilot project to this end, working together with Scheuch,” says Dr Christopher Ehrenberg, Industrial Manager CE at Lafarge Zementwerke GmbH.

Scheuch remains the market leader

Through close collaboration and ongoing communication with customers, the success story that began in 2012 with the first semi-dust SCR system at Lafarge in Mannersdorf has developed over the past decade to include a broad portfolio of exhaust gas cleaning processes for the industrial minerals industry.

Today, Scheuch is able to offer integrated and turnkey system solutions for exhaust gas cleaning to all its customers, across all sectors of the primary and building materials industry and tailored to their individual needs. All processes developed by Scheuch have proven their exceptional value in practical applications. Committed to ongoing development, the expert in environmental technology from Aurolzmünster remains the international market leader.

About Scheuch Group:

60 years of experience

The Scheuch Group is a family-owned business whose goal is to make a positive impact to protecting the earth and local communities with sustainable technologies for air pollution control. For more than half a century, the Upper Austrian company has been working to reduce particulate matter and emissions form the air by means of extraction, dust removal, conveying and flue gas cleaning. These technologies and others also reduce noise and odors that are produced during the manufacturing process. In addition to serving the industrial minerals, energy, metal, wood-based materials, glass and wood industries, the core business also includes service and components. Customers can leverage all or any of the services the company delivers from sales, project management, design, research & development, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and after-sales service. Today, the Scheuch Group and its more than 1,500 employees and subsidiaries across the globe, is regarded as a leading international environmental technology company.