30 million euros for digitalisation at Scheuch

The digitalization building in Aurolzmünster was officially opened. From left to right: Christoph Wiesner (District Head of WKO), Thomas Eberl (CFO), Oliver Meinhart (Director Digitalization and Business Processes, Scheuch), Peter Kettl (Mayor of Aurolzmünster), Bernhard Zwielehner (Mayor of Ried im Innkreis), Stefan Scheuch (CFO), Jörg Jeliniewski (COO)

30 million euros for digitalisation at Scheuch

The environmental technology company Scheuch is investing in digitalisation and creating space for more than 60 jobs at its Aurolzmünster site. With the opening of the new building, the DIGI-Cube, the future project has also become analogue and visible.

"Digitalisation is a basic prerequisite for the business of tomorrow," said Stefan Scheuch, CEO of Scheuch Management Holding GmbH, at the opening ceremony for the newly constructed DIGI Cube in Aurolzmünster. With this building, the company is sending out a structural signal of its digitalisation offensive and celebrated together with partners and representatives from the business world and all employees on 23 September. The day of celebration was also coupled with an internal EXPO, where employees were able to find out about projects and future trends at Scheuch.

For almost 60 years, Scheuch has stood for innovation and high-quality product solutions in industrial environmental technology. For some years now, the technology expert has declared comprehensive digitalisation to be one of the most important strategic projects for the future. The long-established company is convinced that new approaches are always needed in order to remain competitive. "We want to make it easier to work together by digitalising the company as a whole. We want to use modern tools to pave the way for the workplace of the future, lay the foundations for digital business models and processes and be attractive to future employees. -- The workforce of tomorrow is already welcome today," emphasises Scheuch. The project has now been given the necessary space for efficient implementation.

Analogue measures for a digital future

The new DIGI-Cube digitalisation building with around 1,125 square metres will be the hub for a wide range of developments and measures on the way to becoming a digital company. Employees from the areas of innovation, IT and the digitalisation team will find an interdisciplinary environment here for cooperation and implementation of the various transformation processes, involving all stakeholders - from customers to employees. "Digital solutions can only succeed if everyone in the company is involved and part of the process," Stefan Scheuch is convinced.
"Digitalisation at Scheuch stands for smart processes, consistent data and a modern system architecture. These processes cover Scheuch's entire value chain, from sales and development to production and after sales. A large number of individual sub-projects add up to the digital transformation. On the one hand, we are creating a future-oriented, entrepreneurial culture and digitalising internal processes. On the other hand, we are developing new digital products and models that will expand our business," explains Oliver Meinhart, Director Digitalisation and Business Processes. The digital workplace, digital twin, predictive maintenance and digital engineering are buzzwords that characterise Scheuch's vision for the future.
"We are delighted to have created space for the future with the DIGI-Cube. The focus on digitalisation opens up completely new opportunities for us to innovate existing business models, increase competitiveness and optimise production and business processes," says Stefan Scheuch.

Digitalisation is the basis for growth

The Scheuch Group's innovative technologies are further proof that the international company is consistently focussing its strategy on the future. With its industrial systems for air pollution control and more, the environmental technology company makes a daily contribution to protecting people and the environment - decades before the climate crisis was on everyone's lips.

"The focus is not only on a clean environment, but also on sustainable growth," explains Jörg Jeliniewski, COO of Scheuch Management Holding. "We see minimising the impact of various pollutants in the environment and in the workplace as our social and economic responsibility. That is why we are pursuing the goal of increasing our annual operating performance to over 400 million euros by 2027. This also requires investments and further developments in the organisation. One of the most important projects here is digitalisation within the company," says Jeliniewski.

Despite the challenging crises, Scheuch is able to continue its steady growth. The reasons for this are, on the one hand, the broad product portfolio in the many different industries such as industrial minerals, energy, metal, wood-based materials, wood and glass, and, on the other hand, the global network - whether with partners or with its own company locations. Scheuch is also benefiting from the accelerated energy transition, which is filling order books even faster than before. "We are expecting a record level of incoming orders in the current financial year," says Thomas Eberl, CFO of the Scheuch Group. New initiatives are required in order to continue to fulfil projects efficiently and economically using state-of-the-art technology. "The digital transformation represents significant progress in this regard and also strengthens our competitiveness," emphasises Eberl.

The new DIGI-Cube digitalization center offers space for over 60 workstations and provides employees with room to implement the project of the future.

About Scheuch Group:

60 years of experience

The Scheuch Group is a family-owned business whose goal is to make a positive impact to protecting the earth and local communities with sustainable technologies for air pollution control. For more than half a century, the Upper Austrian company has been working to reduce particulate matter and emissions form the air by means of extraction, dust removal, conveying and flue gas cleaning. These technologies and others also reduce noise and odors that are produced during the manufacturing process. In addition to serving the industrial minerals, energy, metal, wood-based materials, glass and wood industries, the core business also includes service and components. Customers can leverage all or any of the services the company delivers from sales, project management, design, research & development, manufacturing, assembly, commissioning and after-sales service. Today, the Scheuch Group and its more than 1,500 employees and subsidiaries across the globe, is regarded as a leading international environmental technology company.