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Ventilation concepts

Cutting-edge plant air control concept

Any point at which air is extracted is also subject to air flowing in automatically. There are two choices in these cases: either the supply air can remain uncontrolled (roof hatches, open doors, gates, building leaks, etc.) – creating flows of cold air, causing board warping or unpleasant odours – or it can be controlled using separate supply air systems that utilize heat, thus ensuring optimum production conditions (regardless of the weather) and an improved hall climate.

Our Solutions


The Scheuch concept

The hall climate refers to the interaction of air temperature, air humidity, solid substances in the air (for example, dust or volatile organic substances such as formaldehyde or methanol) and air flows. Scheuch's plant air control concept ("SPAC") allows these parameters to be controlled in line with specific requirements.

The benefits of the plant air control concept

  • Optimum production conditions
  • Operational safety (board quality, fire protection ensured)
  • Employee protection (improved air quality)

Optimum production conditions

Optimum production conditions are achieved thanks to ideal levels of heat and consistent temperatures (in summer and winter) as well as consistent air flows (e.g. supply air).

To guarantee a climate like this, the hall is divided according to its various production areas and requirements: the distribution, spreading and forming area with a warm air supply, the press/diagonal saw area involving air volume exchange, and the board cooling area with targeted air flows for cooling purposes.

This separation is required because the various production stages mean that each area has different air conditions, resulting in various requirements that may have an impact on production, board quality or employees (for example, unpleasant odours).



Better use of recovered heat

Return air systems were optimized to enable better use of recoverable heat. They help to achieve optimum heat recovery by means of mixing and time control that enables automatic adjustment throughout the day in accordance with the outside temperature. Smaller return air units ensure even surface distribution that is virtually draught-free.


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