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Press fume extraction

Ensuring optimum separation

When it comes to exhaust air cleaning following continuous pressing in the OSB chipboard and fibre board industry, Scheuch offers two systems. The SAP performs exhaust gas pre-treatment, which then allows the exhaust gas to be fed to a final treatment area via long pipelines. The ESAP, meanwhile, acts as a final treatment system and is able to satisfy stringent requirements with its integrated wet electrostatic precipitator module. It ensures the maximum possible degrees of particulate and blue haze separation. It is used in cases where no final treatment system is available or where using connecting lines would not be financially viable.

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Pressendämpfe Absaugung


The SAP for extraction and pre-cleaning

Fume collection and wetting with process water

Fume is extracted directly at the press outlet, with water injection taking place directly in the extraction hoods. Immediately after this, the exhaust gas is separated from the water flow. The process water is pumped via a collection container for process water purification purposes.

Separation in the tangential solid matter separator

Virtually all the water droplets and solid particles that are still present in the gas stream are separated in the tangential solid matter separator. As a result, the exhaust gas is pre-cleaned and can be fed to a final treatment system.

Process water purification

The process water is pumped into the water treatment unit via a coarse particle strainer, thus separating solid matter from it. Continuous separation of low quantities of waste water further stabilises the water quality in order to ensure permanently problem-free operation.

Pressenwäscher mit Nass-Elektrofilter


Separation by means of optional wet electrostatic precipitator module

If no final treatment system, such as a wet electrostatic precipitator (SEKA) or a bio-scrubber (SABA), is available or using connecting lines would not be financially viable, there is the option of replacing the solid matter separator in the SAP system with a wet electrostatic precipitator module.

This process, known as ESAP, is able to stand up to stringent demands as a final treatment system, thanks to the optimum particle and blue haze separation that it offers.

Wet scrubber and gas distribution

A wet scrubber is integrated upstream of the inlet to the wet electrostatic precipitator. This ensures optimum gas scrubbing as well as entirely even distribution of the flow in the electrostatic precipitator.

Wet electrostatic precipitator

The wet electrostatic precipitator, featuring a honeycomb design, is where even the finest dust and aerosols (blue haze) are separated.


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