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Machine extraction

A full range of products and services

For machine extraction and dedusting purposes, we offer a complete range of products and services for everything involved in chipboard, MDF and OSB manufacturing – from chip and fibre processing, to production itself, all the way through to finishing.

Our Solutions


Heavy-duty IMPULS filter in circular design

The IMPULS filter - a bag filter in cyclofilter-design (also designated as roundfilter or cyclone filter) - is a compact, heavy-duty separator. Because the crude gas inflow area is implemented as a centrifugal separator (cyclone principle), it is able to separate very large amounts of material. That is why cyclofilters are particularly well suited for use in pneumatic conveyor systems or dust extraction plants like pneumatic high-pressure (HP) conveying systems or in vacuum cleaning systems.



For simple dedusting and pre-separation

Cyclones such as spark and rotary separators, as well as tangential and axial cyclone systems, act as pre-separators and today, due to their limited degree of separation and for safety and economic reasons, they are primarily combined with additional dedusting systems such as electrostatic precipitators or bag filters.



The right plant concept for the perfect fan specification

A plant's ability to demonstrate a high level of safety and reliability is essentially dictated by its key components. The radial fan is one of the components at the heart of every extraction, dedusting, exhaust and flue gas purification, and pneumatic conveying plant. It helps to meet customer requirements with a level of quality that guarantees fault-free operation and excellent performance between maintenance intervals.

Drive versions:

  • Drive direct via engine shaft
  • Drive via belt
  • Drive via coupling up to 1,000 kW

There are also three different types of impeller:

  • Impeller for transporting clean gases
  • Impeller for transporting gases and chips with high dust concentrations
  • Transport of fibrous material

Radial fans with direct drive up to 132 kW

Despite offering higher performance, this enhanced range incurs costs that are lower by around a third as compared to fans with a coupling drive – and not only that, but it also takes up less space. Even when combined with a frequency converter, it represents a less expensive alternative to fans with belt drives. The range has been designed and calculated in line with the latest findings in the field of fluid mechanics:

  • Drive power up to 132 kW
  • Volume flow rate up to 100,000 m³/h
  • Pressure increase up to 20,000 Pa
  • Conveying temperature up to 250°C
  • Impeller diameter up to 1400 mm


Discharging and locking with rotary valves

Rotary valves (sometimes called airlocks) are used to discharge dust, chipboard shavings and fibrous conveyed goods, and as shut-off devices. A range of designs are available to suit various requirements, with throughput volumes to accommodate every case.

Scheuch rotary valves can also be delivered explosion pressure shock proof and as type-tested ATEX-protective systems (ignition and flame penetration resistant) for explosion decoupling purposes.

When it comes to ensuring availability and operational safety in dedusting plants, discharge and conveying mechanisms are just as crucial as fans and filter systems. Extraction, filtration and material discharge devices thus form a single unit.



Fire protection flaps

Return air fire protection flaps

In the case of smoke or fire return air systems must be switched from return air to exhaust air.The flaps used for this shut off function in the return air direction meet the criteria of fire resistance classification EW120, a defined distance (of only 1 m, for example) is required between the flap blade and the outer wall of the adjacent production building.

Non-return flaps inclusive fire resistance

Extraction pipework has to be fitted with non-return flaps for explosion protection reasons. Depending on the design, these flaps are able to meet the criteria of fire resistance classification EW120 when the extraction function is switched off in the case of smoke or fire.

To prevent fires caused by heat radiation from spreading too, a defined distance (of 1 m, for example) is required between the flap blade and the outer wall of the adjacent building.

Fire protection for filter plants

Pressure relief flaps

Used for concept “ROWEK 65” explosion pressure relief of Scheuch filter plants with reduced flame propagation compared to rupture discs.

Explosion protection for filter plants



A full range of bag filters for exhaust air cleaning and dedusting

We offer a range that is virtually unmatched by any other company and has evolved to cover all tasks relating to dedusting and cleaning exhaust air/gases.

The following bag filter types were developed to meet specific customer requirements:

  • IMPULS-Filter
  • IMPULS-Compact Filter
  • EMC Filter
  • LIGNO-Impuls Filter
  • LIGNO-Compact Filter

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We provide systems for maintaining clean air

Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been Scheuch‘s stock in trade for 50 years now. Whether the solutions involve extraction, dedusting, conveying, flue gas purification or plant manufacturing, Scheuch is a leading expert with a pole position on the market in numerous sectors, and offers its customers application-specific, high-quality solutions to their air and environmental technology issues.