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Engineering: A core area of expertise

Global market structures are constantly changing, requiring international companies to rethink how they spread their resources across the activities they are engaged in. As customers increasingly narrow their focus on their own core areas of expertise, it falls to suppliers to perform the ancillary tasks which, previously, the customers would have taken on themselves. Scheuch is keeping up with these changing times by redefining and adapting its engineering activities for the wood based panel industry, and basing its work on the principle that Scheuch is a specialist customers can rely on.

Our Solutions


From customer consultation through to analysis

To us, project engineering means not only the planning engineering work itself, but also applying specific professional services, starting with a comprehensive consultation. Where required, we can also produce feasibility analyses that take economic and ecological considerations into account.

Technische Konzeption


The right solution for every requirement

By applying our areas of expertise and responsibilities in line with specific project requirements as well as providing and pooling our technical know-how, we focus on our aim of developing exactly the right solution for the customer in question. The operator's requirements are consistently kept at the heart of this process, and country-specific demands such as specifications and legislation are considered from the outset of the project.



Tailored instruments

When organising projects, we categorise them according to criteria such as device or component supply, building modifications, new installations, large-scale projects or general contractor (GC) projects. For this purpose, our project teams have instruments designed to satisfy requirements as well as tailored project management guidelines at their disposal.



From planning to commissioning

Based on what has been agreed with the customer, the project engineering process covers the initial planning stage, plant design and, finally, the design of devices and components in line with requirements. As part of its overall responsibilities, the project team conducts production monitoring, assembly and commissioning up to the point when the project reaches a successful conclusion.


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We provide systems for maintaining clean air

Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been Scheuch‘s stock in trade for 50 years now. Whether the solutions involve extraction, dedusting, conveying, flue gas purification or plant manufacturing, Scheuch is a leading expert with a pole position on the market in numerous sectors, and offers its customers application-specific, high-quality solutions to their air and environmental technology issues.