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Wet scrubbers

The basic principle of wet scrubbers for pre-treatment or final treatment of exhaust gases containing contaminants

In the quenching area, an intensive water injection process binds the dust particles in the gas stream with water. At the same time, the raw gas is cooled until the saturation point is reached.

In the mist collector, the dust-laden, agglomerated drops of water are removed from the gas stream by a centrifugal separator.

The wet scrubber is operated in a closed water circuit for water treatment purposes. The solids captured in the water are separated from the circulating water by a reliable screening unit.



Our Solutions


SAWA – Scrubber for pre-treatment or final treatment of exhaust gases containing contaminants

The wet cyclone precipitation system SAWA (Scheuch Abgas Wasch Anlage, meaning Scheuch Exhaust Gas Scrubbing System) can be used in a wide variety of applications, making it a highly appealing choice. As a pre-scrubber, it prevents downstream exhaust gas cleaning systems from becoming contaminated and protects them. In applications that only involve low demands for separating dust, the wet scrubber can also be used as a final treatment stage. If required, specific levels of additives (oxidants) can also be incorporated in order to separate organic substances, particularly formaldehyde.

The benefits

  • Excellent separation performance when used for pre-treatment

reliable separation of dust as well as water-soluble substances that are hazardous to health, such as HCl and SO2

  • Low operating costs

thanks to low maintenance and cleaning expenditure, plus consistently low pressure loss thanks to the simple structure

  • High availability

thanks to efficient, high-performance circulated water treatment, as well as simple operation and robust, compact machines and components.




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