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Combined systems

Biological exhaust gas cleaning with wet electrostatic precipitator stage for dryer exhaust air cleaning

Wet scrubber – Pre-wetting

The exhaust gas is saturated with water, bringing it down to the cooling limit temperature. Wetting the solid components of the raw gas significantly improves separation performance.

Wet scrubber – Dust separation

The high relative speed of gas compared to water leads to the particles that are already pre-wetted making contact with the drops of water. These are then separated from the exhaust air flow at this point together.

Biological cleaning

Biological gas scrubbing is the process at the heart of the plant. A thin layer of micro-organisms that are perfectly adapted to this task is located directly on the percolating filter. The majority of harmful substances – such as formaldehyde, methanol or phenol – is broken down directly on the percolating filter.

Biological water treatment

The activated sludge process is a reliable method for converting the remaining harmful substances, into non toxic substances. The solid budget is controlled by using a few separation units.

Electrostatic precipitator

Fine dust from boiler (fly ash), aerosols (blue haze) and fine dust from the drier, for example, are separated in an electrostatic precipitator with a honeycomb design. The honeycombs are cleaned periodically.

Our Solutions
Nasselektrofilter mit Biowäscher


BIO-SENA – Wet electrostatic precipitator for pre-separation of dust with downstream bio-scrubber

The BIO-SENA process represents the perfect combination of a wet electrostatic precipitatorand a bio-scrubber, ensuring maximum dust and formaldehyde separation. It is ideal for use in MDF board production.

The benefits

  • Excellent dust and aerosol separation

(„Blue Haze“)

  • Maximum formaldehyde separation

plus separation of other organic substances that are harmful to health, such as methanol and phenol

  • Low operating costs

thanks to low maintenance and cleaning expenditure as well as biological removal of contaminants

  • High levels of availability

thanks to adaptable microorganismsPerfectly designed biological filter featuring high-performance rinsing equipment plus excellent operational safety.

  • Benefits created by additional SENA electrostatic precipitator stage

excellent separation of aerosols (blue haze) and fine dust, such as fly ash from boiler gases

Staubabscheidung mit Bio-Stufe


SENA/SEKA – Wet electrostatic precipitator with bio-stage

In applications that involve high demands in the area of dust separation but only average ones where formaldehyde separation is concerned, the circulated water can undergo additional biological cleaning as a means of removing organic contaminants (such as formaldehyde) from the exhaust gas.

The benefits:

  • Low operating costs thanks to a reduction in biological contaminants 



Biowäscher mit Staubvorabscheidung


SAWA + SABA – Wet scrubber for pre-separation of dust with downstream bioscrubber

This involves a two-stage exhaust gas cleaning process: first, the dust is separated and then the formaldehyde is reduced.

The benefits:

  • Bioscrubber is protected against dust contamination
  • Maximum formaldehyde separation
  • Excellent operational safety thanks to pre-separation of dust

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