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Biological exhaust gas cleaning


The principle of biological exhaust gas cleaning is based on microorganisms converting the contents of exhaust gas into harmless products. As the process always has to take place in a more aqueous phase than is available in the microorganisms' habitat, the microorganisms are either grown in a film of moisture on a substrate or suspended in an aqueous solution. The microorganisms are aerobic bacteria that oxidise the contents when oxygen is present.

The degradation performance of the micro-organisms is highly dependent on the environmental conditions: not only must enough oxygen and nutrients be available, but the temperature, pH and moisture levels also have a key role to play. Unlike a bio-filter, the advantage of a bio-scrubber is that it can control microbiological contamination on the exchange surface and keep this at a sufficiently low level.

Our Solutions


SABA – Complete biological reduction of contaminants

SABA (Scheuch Anlage für Biologische Abluftreinigung, meaning Scheuch System for Biological Exhaust Air Cleaning) is the process of choice for separating organic contaminants – and particularly formaldehyde – from exhaust gases in the wood based panel industry; specifically, in MDF board production and press exhaust air cleaning. Compared with other processes, bio-scrubbers entail by far the lowest operating costs and are therefore the system of choice when it comes to separating formaldehyde.


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