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Retrofitting and replacement of an existing dedustingsystem

Johann Nemetz & Co GmbH, Wiener Neustadt (A)

The task:

To retrofit and replace an existing dedusting system for a sand plant, with increased extraction air output (from 30,000 Bm³/h previously to 60,000 Bm³/h)

The technical solution:

A new, compact pulse filter. Where the shake-out grid was concerned, patent-pending extraction hoods (for line extraction) were used.

The benefits:

The new pulse filter allows for more compact installation than an SFD filter. As the installation was carried out on the roof, the new, compact pulse filter is able to offer additional benefits in the shape of a low dead weight and reduced wind loads.What's more, the advantage of the extraction hoods is that it is possible to work with them in an area that does not require significant breathing apparatus.

Scope of supply:

Extraction hoods; raw gas lines; a new, compact pulse filter; a clean gas duct with integrated silencer; a radial fan; a chimney base; a chimney with integrated silencer; electrical components with a control cabinet, including mechanical and electrical assembly.


Assembly: 29th October - 30th November, 2012

Commissioning: 3rd - 7th December, 2012

Additional measurements after commissioning: 19th December, 2012

Design data:

60,000 Bm³/h

FF= 772 m²

FFB= 1,29 m³

90 kW, 50 Hz – 100 %

dpFilter=3 mbar


Enhanced performance and efficiency

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