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Fibre sifter

Starwood, Inegöl (TR)

Because the fibre sifter system originally used by Starwood in ?negöl, Turkey, failed to meet the stringent requirements for producing boards measuring just 1.5 mm in thickness, the company assigned Scheuch the task of supplying two new patented fibre sifters – each offering 70,000 Bm³/h – including cyclones, rotary valves and fans.When commissioning was complete, Starwood's Vice-President Hüseyin Yildiz expressed his satisfaction with the result. "...Before the retrofitting, we were in constant discussion about the quality of the boards and thinking about what we could do to optimise it during the process, especially in the sifting process step. Since then, however, there has been no need to do this. The quality of our thin MDF boards – and our thicker ones measuring up to 8 mm – has considerably improved. What's more, we have achieved a 10% increase in capacity. That makes me a very satisfied customer. Finally, we've been able to do what we really should have done right from the start."For both the particle board line and the MDF line, Scheuch provided a SAP extraction and purification system for press exhaust air with an hourly output of 95,000 Bm³. A SEKA 21 wet electrostatic precipitator, which achieved outstanding values in a September 2010 measurement, features a 4 MW heat extraction (recovery) system.

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