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Coal grinding plants

In some blast furnaces, coal dust is injected as an additional source of fuel. The coal dust is ground in coal grinding plants and is separated from the carrier gas flow in filter plants.

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Extraction hoods


Secondary collection of exhaust air

Producing and processing metals generally creates significant exhaust air volume flow rates – with energy consumption and contamination levels to match.

In this sector, not all processes or treatments can be directly coupled to or enclosed in extraction devices. This means that emissions (dust, waste heat, gaseous substances, etc.) have to be collected using secondary methods – that is, at a location other than the point where they arise – in order to achieve the desired level of air quality in the working area or environment in question. The emission stream dilution associated with this technique determines the required collection flow volume and therefore has a direct impact on the investment and operating costs for the dedusting plant.

Scheuch adopts a methodical approach to determining the characteristics of the emission stream in a verifiable way (observations are made during operation and then documented and evaluated) and to creating the ideal extraction hood design using CFD, with basic operational conditions taken into account.



Фильтры с импульсной очисткой


Outstanding cleaning performance combined with an excellent degree of separation

The Scheuch IMPULS filter is a high-capacity filtering separator that delivers outstanding cleaning performance combined with an excellent degree of separation. It is used for the dry separation of solid matter, primarily in the extraction of contaminants from machinery and the workplace, as a process filter in material recycling, or for conveyed material separation purposes.

The patented IMPULS cleaning system

Thanks to the specially shaped twin nozzles on the jet pipe, the pulsed free jet pulls along an envelope of clean gas from the primary compressed air as it makes its way to the injector. The two gas flows are mixed in the injector by means of pulse exchange an, at the same time, experienceing significant increase in pressure. This ensures highly efficient cleaning throughout the bag length and filter bags require cleaning less frequently.

Proven in practice for decades, the IMPULS cleaning system has become a byword for low operating costs:

  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Long service life demonstrated by filter media
  • Very little maintenance or servicing required





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We provide systems for maintaining clean air

Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been Scheuch‘s stock in trade for 50 years now. Whether the solutions involve extraction, dedusting, conveying, flue gas purification or plant manufacturing, Scheuch is a leading expert with a pole position on the market in numerous sectors, and offers its customers application-specific, high-quality solutions to their air and environmental technology issues.