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Scheuch family continues to grow in the USA

Second acquisition in North America: The Scheuch Group purchases the US company Schust Engineering, Inc., which has an annual turnover of around 18 million dollars.

Aurolzmünster, Upper Austria, December 14, 2016. In the period leading up to the end of the year, the Innviertel-based Scheuch Group is purchasing another family-operated company in the USA. The acquisition of Schust Engineering, Inc. - located in Auburn, Indiana - will enable the technology leader to expand its share of the industrial air pollution control market on the other side of the pond. The plan for the future is to house all the business taking place in North America within a single Business Unit North America, with the aim of providing coverage for the entire value chain delivered by Scheuch technology in the USA.

Through Schust Engineering, Inc., the Group is gaining another reputable business to add to device specialist CAMCORP Inc., which is headquartered in the city of Lenexa in the Kansas City metropolitan area. Owner-operated, Schust Engineering has around 70 employees and an annual turnover in the region of 18 million US dollars. The leading company's offices are located in Fort Wayne, Auburn, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, and Monterrey (Mexico).

Schust operates as a plant manufacturer and focuses primarily on the design and development of air pollution control technology for the major industries of metalworking, foundry work, and glass, as well as similar industrial sectors. The company sees itself as an engineering firm that offers its own production, assembly, and commissioning facilities. This wide range of services will allow the Scheuch Group to remain close to the customer across the nation, even in an area the size of North America. The combination of CAMCORP's role as a device supplier and Schust's plant manufacturing expertise is perfect for meeting the needs of the market.

"The USA is the world's largest economic power, and that was one of the reasons behind our decision to establish permanent representation here. With its expertise as a plant manufacturer, Schust has what it takes to process complete turn-key projects entirely independently, while CAMCORP's specialism in the device and component business makes it an impressive partner. Together, the two will create the ideal launch pad for the continued growth of the Scheuch Group in the USA", says Jörg Jeliniewski, Managing Director of Scheuch GmbH.

As Stefan Scheuch emphasizes: "It is also extremely important that this venture is accompanied by the two companies transferring knowledge between one another and a two-way flow of expertise - because the only way we can grow successfully is to learn from one another and operate at the same level."

Combining strengths in the Business Unit North America

The Business Unit North America was recently established with the aim of harnessing synergy effects as efficiently as possible. In the future, it is intended to serve as an umbrella for the CAMCORP Inc. and Schust Engineering, Inc. subsidiaries. "It is especially important that the two companies' organizational and communication structures are integrated into the Scheuch Group during the consolidation period - we want the spirit of Scheuch to be perceptible even across the pond", states Jeliniewski. Thanks to the acquisition of both owner-operated companies, Scheuch is putting itself in a position to cover the entire value chain - engineering, production, assembly, commissioning, and after-sales - in North America with its own employees. "We believe it is important to transfer our established European technology to the US market during the integration process, not least because this will allow us to keep expanding our own product range," underlines Scheuch.

Scheuch continues on its global growth trajectory

The Scheuch Group is committed to sustainable, profitable growth - and intends to pursue this in the coming year too. Its focus will be on world markets including China, South America, and the Middle East. Any development will be planned with the aim of securing long-term profitability - as this is ultimately what will ensure that the Scheuch Group maintains its international success story.

At the close of the 2016/17 financial year, it is expected that the Group's incoming order volume will hit its targeted aim of 200 million euros - the highest since Scheuch's founding more than 50 years ago. This is thanks to the path it has consistently pursued as a technology leader - an impressive example of which is the cement plant in Kirchdorf, Upper Austria, which is equipped with Scheuch's innovative DeCONOx technology and now boasts the lowest emissions of any cement plant in the world.

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