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Long night of research 2014: Fascinating air and enviromental technology

Air and environmental technology up close

The fascinated onlookers learned how air flows can be made visible, what protective measures used to prevent dust explosions look like, and what a drum and a fan have in common. Other demonstrations covered the kinds of applications automotive catalytic converters can be used in and how complex products can be constructed with the aid of finite element calculation. In the Experimental Testing area, meanwhile, visitors were given an insight into a range of air purification systems and had the chance to become a technician for the evening themselves.

For researchers in the making – the more junior members among the group – the training workshop hosted several experiments and tests to try out and have fun getting involved in. Helped by clear directions, visitors were able to explore air and environmental technology in detail and experience just how fascinating research and development at Scheuch can be.

"We are really honoured that more than 600 visitors seized the opportunity to take a look behind the scenes at Scheuch GmbH during the Long Night of Research 2014. Together with our dedicated team of researchers, they enjoyed a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family. They discovered how exciting research and development can be and learned all sorts of interesting facts about air and environmental technology," said Stefan Scheuch, Managing Director of Scheuch GmbH.

Ried's Long Night of Research 2014

Besides Scheuch GmbH, other participants in the Long Night of Research were Techno-Z Ried, Benteler SGL Composite Technology GmbH, FACC AG, Fill Gesellschaft m.b.H., HTL Ried and Wintersteiger

AG. Kicking off at 5 p.m. and running all the way through until 11, the event made Ried a town dedicated to research with a whole range of attractions on offer – and across Upper Austria, more than 100 exhibitors across 10 regions in total participated in the event.



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