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Machines and Components

Fans, rotary valves, screws, piping components and cyclones – all these are components which, over the decades, we have developed and continuously optimised for plants in the various ranges of application covered by our Wood Processing Industry, Wood Based Panels Industry, Metals Industry, Industrial Minerals and Energy Industry divisions.

We have taken the manufacturing expertise that we possess at our company headquarters in Aurolzmünster, Upper Austria, and the process expertise we have drawn our five company divisions, and combined them to form a separate division named "Machines and Components". The aim is to position ourselves as an expert, dependable partner for customers including those whose requirements cannot be fully covered by our other company divisions – and to drive innovation in new areas.

Machines and components: designed with new industries in mind
Werner Pfifferling will take on the role of Head of Machines and Components. Backed by a dedicated team of processors and technical salespersons, he has made it his mission to promote the Machines and Components portfolio – and expand it to industry sectors beyond the existing ones in which it operates.

The new division is primarily responsible for selling machines and components. However, custom production solutions can also be prototyped. This involves taking a standard product and tailoring it to meet customer requirements and requests. The new machine division also provides technical consultation, sound and air measurements, as well as commissioning and assembly as part of its service.

"Because our machines and components are used in complete dedusting and exhaust gas cleaning plants, we are well versed in a broad spectrum of specific demands for a whole range of applications. The practical, hands-on experience we gain flows directly into a continuous program of ongoing development and optimisation of devices and components. We develop individual solutions together with our customers – and now we're extending these skills to other sectors too," says Werner Pfifferling, Head of the Machines and Components division at Scheuch.

End customers and plant manufacturers
The primary target groups on which the new division will be focusing its efforts are end customers and plant manufacturers, while its target markets will be Austria, Germany, Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

Through its Machines and Components arm, Scheuch is offering another area of business in parallel to its existing divisions, in the hope that it will be able to tap into new market potential and consolidate its leading position.

Machines and Components will cover the following product portfolio:

Since the company was established in 1963, Scheuch has built more than 40,000 industrial-grade radial fans for transporting clean or dusty air – and has put them into operation all over the world.

Scheuch offers a comprehensive, beautifully engineered range of approximately 1500 fan types, with pressure increases up to 25,000 Pa and volume flows of 500 to 650.000 Bm³/h. The fan portfolio is rounded off by specialist applications including wear-resistant, gas-tight and hot gas designs up to 550°C, as well as special materials (such as stainless steel and aluminium).

Various operating modes can be selected to suit requirements: direct drive, belt drive and coupling drive types for a power range of up to 2,500 kW are all available.

Tube-type and trough screws are used to continuously transport bulk materials, at throughput volumes of 2 to 500 m³/h and with screw diameters between 200 and 1000 mm. Design options also include hot gas variants and special materials.

Rotary valves
Rotary valves can be used to discharge dust, chipboard shavings, granules and fibrous conveyed goods, or as shut-off devices. Not only that, but they can also be designed as type-tested protective systems (offering ignition and flame resistance) for explosion decoupling purposes. At a 100% fill level, the throughput volume can reach as much as 8650 m3/h. Design options also include protective systems, hot gas versions and special material versions.

Piping components and cyclones
When it comes to extraction and dedusting plants as well as pneumatic conveying systems, Scheuch has a comprehensive range of piping and ducting components – in all sorts of materials – at its disposal, allowing it to satisfy all kinds of requirements.

"Our new Machines and Components arm combines our many years of experience and extensive plant knowledge that we have accrued in our various divisions. We can translate this expertise to new fields of application and harness it as a means of fulfilling their specific requirements," says Pfifferling.

Image 1: Catalytic converter element
Image 2: Screw
Image 3: Fans (belt-driven)
Image 4: Rotary valve

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