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SELAS-PLUS – The extraction system for surface coating applications

Because of an increase in special designs and custom-built machinery, the proportion of manual coating applications (e.g. manual spray stations) involving wood and metal is on the rise in both the commercial and industrial sectors. To reduce workplace and environmental emissions, it is necessary to remove the overspray resulting from the use of water-soluble or solvent-based coatings.

Removing spray mist from production areas improves product quality (as it helps to achieve even, dust-free surfaces), accelerates material flow and, as a result, boosts throughput rates. Equally, damaging events (such as explosions) caused by solvent vapours can also be avoided.

The SELAS-Plus extraction system from Scheuch is an ideal solution for keeping production areas clean when coating surfaces and is based on a sophisticated modular system.

Individual comprehensive programme

SELAS-Plus comprises the complete exhaust technology for the spraying, drying and grinding surface coating areas. The programme stands out thanks to its high capacity to adapt to the needs of customers and is able to meet increasing quality demands. Scheuch is flexible when designing the system and develops tailor-made solutions together with the customer to ensure optimal productivity.

"The high surface and product quality, energy-saving operating mode, its flexible and convenient operating principle, user-friendly operation, simple handling and low maintenance costs are all advantages of the system," emphasises Alois Burgstaller, Head of the Wood Processing Industry division at Scheuch. He goes on to say, "Furthermore, the operating costs are low thanks to the heat recovery system, the recirculated air operation during the drying stage and the use of efficient fans."

The SELAS-Plus modular system

Innovative SELAS-Plus exhaust solutions are available for the different surface coating areas depending on requirements and system design.


Scheuch offers three different grinding solutions that come in a range of formats: floor-level and wall extraction as well as grinding platforms in various dimensions and designs. Floor-level extraction, featuring an external filter and an in-ceiling supply air unit, is an ideal choice for applications involving larger workpieces, high capacity levels and significant quantities of dust, for example.


When spraying, in addition to floor-level extraction, spray stand extraction is also used. Spray stands are primarily used when working with lower quantities or smaller amounts of overspray, or when painting work is being carried out sporadically. It is used for separating solids.

Spray stand extraction can be under-floor or above-floor. Depending on the extraction system used, either filter mats are positioned under the grating in the spray stand casing (under-floor) or, if there is no floor well, overhead conveyors are used (over-floor). In both designs, spraying can only be performed in one direction.


Drying in a separate room is required not only as a means of satisfying increasing quality requirements, but also because of the growing use of water-based paint. The temperature, air volume, proportion of recirculating air and operating mode can be adjusted to suit the properties of the paint precisely.In addition to drying in separate drying rooms, the SELAS-Plus system enables a drying zone to be set up in the spraying room. During the painting process, some of the supply and exhaust air is used to flash off the freshly painted parts in the holding area. The settings for air volume and stopping time are all variable.

Floor-level extraction

Floor-level extraction allows the entire working space to be used and the best possible surface quality to be achieved. This is due to uniform, vertical extraction that is facilitated by extraction ducts distributed across the whole floor area. This enables flexible surface treatment for different workpieces from all sides. In addition, the in-ceiling supply-air filtration unit, located directly above the extraction area, ensures that air is guided as effectively as possible and creates a pleasant working environment.

Coating storage areas

The SELAS-Plus range is complemented by special air technology solutions for coating storage areas – complete with drip cups, exhaust air fans, extraction pipes and supply air inlets.

Image 1: SELAS-Plus extraction in the grinding area

Image 2: SELAS-Plus extraction in the coating room

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