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Top-quality complete solutions for the foundry process

Aurolzmünster-based Scheuch GmbH considers foundry applications to be a key element of its corporate strategy. Over the last two decades, this world leader in the field of air and environmental technology has proven its extensive expertise in several projects and now positions itself as a full-service provider of innovative solutions throughout the entire production process. From smelting to blasting, Scheuch offers a one-stop shop for every service and skills that really come to the fore in complete concepts and custom manufacturing.

Innovative complete solutions The foundry St. Leon-Rot GmbH (part of the SLR Group) represents just one example of the innovative complete solutions on offer: as a means of expanding its capacity, Scheuch GmbH chose the company to work as its partner for implementing a new foundry in Elsterheide, located in the German state of Saxony.

This project required a single, complete solution for all the dedusting tasks that Scheuch performs with the utmost professionalism – starting from the furnace and running through to the cold storage house, casting station, shaking-out stations, sand plant and cast finish area (in the case of blasting and manual cleaning). Specifically, the equipment installed was made up of five IMPULS bag filters, offering a total air output of 1,250,000 m³/h, plus a technical innovation designed for air flows. In this novel system, warm air from the moulding plant is mixed with humid air from the sand plant as a means of preventing the dew point from dropping below a certain level (as this can bring about a risk of caking) and significantly enhancing operational safety.
High availability and service life 
Scheuch GmbH proved itself an asset to the project not only thanks to its expertise in the area of complete solutions, but also through the high availability and long service lives offered by its filter bags. One of the company's flagship projects relating to this area is the dedusting system that Alzmetall Werkzeugmaschinenfabrik und Gießerei Friedrich GmbH & Co.KG has housed since as far back as the end of the 1980s. Alzmetall has in fact been relying on Scheuch for many years when it comes to manufacturing cast products. A dedusting system for the sand plant was commissioned in 1989 (offering an air volume of 96,000 Bm³/h), and was followed by a dedusting system for the shaking-out station (with an air volume of 40,000 Bm³/h) in 2001 and, in 2007, a full cupola furnace dedusting system including IMPULS filters and tubular coolers – all delivered, assembled and commissioned in less than four months. In May 2008, Scheuch equipped the new moulding plant with a filter plant (40,000 Bm³/h) for dedusting the return sand plant and decoring cubicle.Armin Brandl, Manager of the Alzmetall central services department, states, "Since it was commissioned in 1989, we have not had one instance where the plant has broken down. As a result, availability is at 100 percent. And because we stick to the prescribed maintenance intervals, maintenance costs for the plant are very low, too. So far only the bearings in the discharge screw has had to be replaced, which is completely normal for the service life of this component. The long service life of the filter bags is especially worth mentioning. We are still using the original equipment and have been significantly under the required limit values in the statutory measurements taken by the authorities."
Current projects 
Following the installation of an exhaust air plant in the casting cleaning room, Scheuch is now engaged in a dedusting project for the moulding plant at Georg Fischer Automotive. This involves an IMPULS bag filter plant that features a total air output of 100,000 m³/h.
Georg Fischer is a development partner in the automotive industry and employs 5,500 staff members worldwide. Based in the Swiss city of Schaffhausen, this international group develops and produces cast parts that are tolerant to heavy loads for the automotive industry and its suppliers. The business is a technology and market leader in many sectors within Europe and is particularly specialised in all casting processes (sand casting, gravity die casting, pressure die casting) and materials (iron, magnesium, aluminium) that are relevant to series production.With its extensive experience and profound expertise, Scheuch GmbH represents the ideal partner when it comes to creating complete concepts for foundries. Innovation, quality and a focus on customers are the values at the heart of this business and lay the foundations for a successful, long-term partnership.

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Image 1: Furnace dedusting at SLR, Martin Lamnitz
Image 2: SLR casting cooler dedusting
Image 2: Dipl.-Ing. Manfred Lixl

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