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Space Minimizing Concept - SMC: The future of compact bag filter technology

With the newly developed IMPULS-Filter with a horizontal flat bag design, Scheuch is offering the perfect fine and super-fine dust exhaust system for use in production halls with limited space. The compact system design, quick assembly and efficient performance of the Space Minimizing Concept (SMC) promise tangible benefits during daily operation.


After around 22 months of development time, Scheuch is setting a new benchmark where fine dust extraction is concerned with the Space Minimizing Concept (SMC). Known until now for high-quality devices with vertical arrangement of the filter bags, Scheuch's new system provides key benefits for the specific demands of fine dust in the metal processing industry, for example. 

The horizontal filter bags and the top-down exhaust air current achieve a significantly improved filter surface load and separation performance. Tried-and-tested Scheuch technologies are employed for this purpose, such as the typical twin-nozzle arrangement and the control. For the first time, the optimised pressure tanks with integrated valves are also being put to use – this leads to a cleaning system with maximum performance.

"The compact design with horizontal arrangement of the bags means the system can be used in halls which are low in height. The easy accessibility of the pneumatic cleaning system and filter control unit ensure optimal operating convenience." 
Markus Lobmaier, Head of Engineering


The new IMPULS-Filter is the first product with new technology which was designed at Scheuch by a core team of experts in Process Technology and Product Development in close cooperation with the Production and Assembly department. A fundamental aspect is the adherence to a consistently low differential pressure even with the most difficult dust.

During the test phase, further optimisation was undertaken to guarantee the best possible operational safety. The result is an especially high-performance filter with an extremely compact design, which is also suitable for halls which are low in height. Moreover, products are delivered in pre-assembled subassemblies, enabling quick installation. With this product, Scheuch is offering a pulse cleaning system for fine and super-fine dust which boasts efficient performance and an outstanding cost-benefit ratio.

Download Flat bag filter horizontal
Download Flat bag filter horizontal
Download Pre-assembly in few subassemblies
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