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Quality / HSEQ

Our guidelines on health, work safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality (HSEQ)

As an international company operating in the field of ventilation and environmental technology, we are particularly committed to sustainable business development. Our “clean air” products make a valuable contribution to the protection of people's health and the environment, while our responsible conduct protects the interests of future generations.

The HSEQ guidelines (HSEQ: Health, Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality) play a crucial role in the economic success of all Scheuch Group companies and their activities.

Ultimate responsibility for health, safety, environmental protection, energy efficiency and quality in all business processes lies with the company managers, who draw up the organisational requirements governing the implementation of these guidelines. The managers are responsible for providing the necessary resources, determining the HSEQ targets and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of these targets in a structured, efficient manner with the help of the integrated management system. Every staff member plays a part in ensuring adherence to the HSEQ principles within his/her area of responsibility. The same is expected and required of business partners and contractors of the Scheuch companies.

Based on the mission statement in our HSEQ guidelines Scheuch is committed to the following principles in relation to health, work safety, environmental protection and quality:

  1. We assume social responsibility and focus on prevention in order to protect people and the environment.
  2. We use innovative technologies in our operations and meet both the legal requirements and our own requirements while pursuing our self-imposed target of continually improving these standards.
  3. When setting our HSEQ targets, we continually analyse our processes and derive measures for further development.
  4. We operate a systematic risk management policy to minimise and prevent risks. This is also ensured by our emergency organisation.
  5. We rely on engaged, motivated, qualified staff members and promote awareness of HSEQ among our employees through information, communication and further training.
  6. We involve our staff members in the development of operational processes, thereby promoting a company culture which integrates HSEQ considerations into our day-to-day work.
  7. We conserve natural resources by using raw materials and energy as sparingly as possible in order to counteract the negative environmental impact. Even when procuring resources, we pay attention to sustainability, environmental compatibility and energy efficiency.
  8. We maintain a constant dialogue with our business partners and with other external interested parties (neighbours, communities, the general public). We also provide information about our activities and are keen to exchange experiences with authorities, associations, politicians and scientists.
  9. We promote health and safety among our staff members in order to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses by ensuring our processes and workplaces are safe in accordance with the latest findings.
  10. We incorporate security considerations into all decisions at an early stage and continually adapt our measures to changes in conditions. In doing so, we ensure the safety of our staff members, business partners and contractors at all times, as well as the commercial success of our company.

These guidelines are checked regularly by the company managers and updated as necessary.



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Responsible for HSEQ Management:
Oliver Hertting

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