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In-house production

In-house production for high quality and flexibility

Our in-house production facilities in Aurolzmünster, Austria and Prievidza, Slovakia – offering a production area totalling 24,000 m2 – ensure the company can maintain its high standards of quality and make it possible to respond to customers' requests flexibly and individually.

Production facts and figures

550.000 laser-cut parts per year
  35.000 production orders per year
  10.000 tonnes of sheet metal consumed per year
    7.000 customer orders per year
    4.000 HGVs loaded per year

Aurolzmünster site (Austria)

  ~18.000 m² production area
   ~ 7.000 m² storage area
  90% in-house production
Production of all key components such as filter heads, fans, rotary valves, flaps and cyclones

Prievidza site (Slovakia)

   ~ 6.000 m² production area
Production of steel construction elements, pipes and preformed parts, platforms, ladders

Qualified experts and specialists

As the company continues to grow and sharpen its focus on international markets, our staff members are required to live up to the most stringent of requirements.

Implementing targeted training and education concepts allows Scheuch to tap into the potential that its qualified experts and specialists offer. Equipment at the cutting edge

With the aim of achieving the very highest levels of quality, Scheuch's production facilities are kitted out with state-of-the-art equipment. This means using not only the very latest laser cutting technology, for example, but also ensuring that the company's storage and logistics facilities are right up to date. A central order picking warehouse supplies the individual production departments with parts exactly when they are needed, thus playing a key role in ensuring just-in-time production in cases involving short lead times. Even the building technology concept for the production halls is designed to be fit for the future. This makes it possible to carry out flexible alterations in production processes at any time in order to adapt quickly to changes in market or production conditions.

Scheuch GmbH, Weierfing 68, A-4971 Aurolzmünster, Tel.: +43 77 52 905-0, Fax: -65000, E-Mail:

We provide systems for maintaining clean air

Innovative air and environmental technology for industrial applications has been Scheuch‘s stock in trade for 50 years now. Whether the solutions involve extraction, dedusting, conveying, flue gas purification or plant manufacturing, Scheuch is a leading expert with a pole position on the market in numerous sectors, and offers its customers application-specific, high-quality solutions to their air and environmental technology issues.